Monday, February 21, 2011

I Complain with Kay

Hello blog readers,

Today I have an audio blog from my dear friend K's "Complaining with K". I make general points around the need for open data around healthcare, but particularly telling is the trick (sorry K) I play on K where I ask her what she likes about Canadian Healthcare. Typically, she compares us to the US system inside of 25 seconds.

My point is this - we need to be able to discuss our system independently of theirs. Our system is different, and if we don't criticize what's wrong with our system, then it will deteriorate until only their system will be known as an alternative. So we're dooming ourselves to using the system that we always complain about, paradoxically. This is, to my mind, about how we discuss our problems.

Podcast: (I sucker punch K at around 3:43 or so... ;) )

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