Friday, January 9, 2009

Smirky YouTube Video Deserves Smirky Response


Re: The video "10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer"

Hi there.

I just wanted to post a note to say that I think this is a moronic and offensive video.

It's not offensive to my belief in God because I'm agnostic but offensive to my intelligence. It's very difficult for me, as an intelligent and thoughtful person to sit through a diatribe like yours without being able to speak back to the person who made it.

The first thing that strikes me is that you use the term "Christians" throughout your piece the way racists used to use "Orientals" or "Blacks" to describe a diverse group with one label. There are, of course, Christians who don't believe God participates in our daily lives, Christians who believe in evolution, and a whole range of other beliefs, but you put them all in the same box.

At the end, you offer the idea that 'god is imaginary' as some kind of cure to Christianity. So, are you saying that if God is imaginary then all Christianity is crap, and the teachings of Jesus therefore have no value ? And if 'god is imaginary' aren't other religions in trouble too ? The God/Jesus construction that you have put together here had a few screws left over when you were done.

For that matter, while your idea that "god is imaginary" may explain your silly canned questions, it doesn't explain a lot of other questions such as "where did the universe come from ?" and "what happens after you die ?". Those questions made humans consider whether there were gods and spirits in the first place. The idea that there's some huge force behind creation may or may not be rational, but it certainly is a natural idea to consider that as a possibility.

The question of what exists outside our universe is impossible to answer. And the idea that there's nothing at all seems unnatural to many people. It may, in fact, frighten them. If it helps them to think that a higher power exists, then isn't it good for them ? ( Why do people feel the need to evangelize their non-beliefs as much as others evangelize their beliefs ? )

Further to these natural questions and answers that cultures develop, it's also intuitive to believe that there was a supernatural personality behind creation, as many cultures seem to have developed the same myth independently. These cultures still have adherents who hold these belifs as part of their identity, and pass them on to their children. Are you going to make a video making fun of them ?

So here are some answers, to your ten questions - only 4 are needed.

Answers 1, 2, 6, 8

You seem to think that great minds through the ages didn't consider deep questions about faith such as "Why does God allow suffering ?". The answer is that God doesn't involve himself in the day-to-day workings of the universe. God gives humans the power of free choice, to make what they will from their lives.

Answers 3, 4, 5,

Duh. The bible is wrong. The bible was like the internet of the ancient world. So, does every post on the web make sense ? No.

Once again, I submit to you: Duh.

Answer 7

You ask "Why didn't Jesus leave evidence of his miracles ?" Uh ... What ? Evidence ? Are you expecing bones and crumbs from the 40 loaves/fishes ? What ? Huh ? Why would he ?

The author doesn't spend much time on this question, and only says "It's very strange isn't it ?". I guess he wanted ten questions not nine.

Answer 9

The 'Body of Christ'. What is it ? That's symbolic to most people, right ? Those who believe it's real, just believe magic is real. That's all.

Answer 10

Christians get divorced at the same rate as others. Do they, though ? If you say so, although you don't tell where you got that information. Since you are a "SMART PERSON" who "KNOWS HOW TO THINK CRITICALLY" I guess we should just believe everything you say just like some Christians believe the bible. But if you don't provide any more evidence than the bible does why are you any better ?

I wouldn't be surprised, though, Christians aren't any better at marriage than non Christians.

Why don't you make a video making fun of people who have been divorced next ?

Anyway, good for you for putting your beliefs into a video. It's just too bad that it's so crappy, smirking, and poorly thought through. Even if I believed in heaven and hell, which I don't, I would think this video would land you in hell. It's too lame.