Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Government 2.0 lands in Toronto !

An excellent evening of discussion on Gov 2.0 topics from Wayne Chu and Harvey Low at Toronto City Hall this evening.

Mr. Chu detailed some research regarding the interconnectedness of Twitter networks and the relationships between social media, big media and politics.   Although not directly connected to Government 2.0 initiatives, his informative talk inspired active discussion around how political discussion happens.

Mr. Low gave a sweeping overview of Government 2.0 initiatives, almost a catalogue actually, after his return from the recent Open Govt Partnership conference in Brazil.

There is definitely something coming here, as Mr. Chu pointed out, but when our Arab Spring will arrive is still anyone's guess.  Also unclear is how it will arrive - which audiences will be served first and so on.  While it was explained that many (most ?) Canadians see government in terms of services, it also seemed clear that more "bus apps" aren't what we're waiting for.

Many thanks to organizers of tonight's event.