Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Open Data in the UK

Richard Poynder blogs about the movement in the UK in Free Our Data:For Democracy's Sake.

He also discusses the Messina Bridge and the Open Gov efforts of Dr. Marco Fioretti.

Interestingly, the European and Australian projects seem to me to mention budgets and citizens-watching-government more often than the American projects do.

In putting the transparency case to O'Reilly's Andy Oram, Fioretti cited the planned construction of the Strait of Messina Bridge (at an estimated cost of €6.1 billion). When the government announces how many tax dollars it plans to spend on a project like this, Fioretti asked, how can the public know that the costs are reasonable if it does not have access to all the data?
This is just an impression I have from a handful of articles, but I did notice that.

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